The Bible Year prophesy. Threshing time, figs, grapes, olives. Heat Days of light. Trees and vines blossom. Corn and wheat harvest. (G)Pentecost: 50 days after First Fruits.
The civil year began on Tishri 1 - 7th month of the ceremonial year.
streams and springs of life
Former rains were a blessing which conditioned the soils for plowing and planting.
ancient Hebrew bible yearly calendar cycle
Latter rains were an extra blessing ripening bumper wheat, corn and late barley harvests.
spring barley
The ceremonial year began on Aviv (Nisan) 1. The lands were drying, and the moon was waxing providing sure footing and a lamp to the pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem for the spring festivals.
Tabernacles and Ingathering marked the turn of the year in Autumn. Plowing, vine dressing, wheat and barley sowing began. Success based on good soil. Midnight of the season. Citrus fruit ripened on the trees and the rainy season began. Almond tree blossoms were a sign that the cold and wet season was drawing to a close. A second Adar was added occasionally based on the maturity of the barley. The first ripened barley was waved before the Lord as first fruits before the general harvest.
Jewish Months and Paraphrased Meanings
1. Aviv/Abib/Nisan: Young green ears (barley, flax, corn). Escape flight.
2. Iyyar/Ziv: Splendor and brilliance of flowers and healing.
3. Sivan: 9th month
4. Tammuz: Sprouting of Life.
5. Ab/Av: Fatherly consoling and love.
6. Elul: Contrite soul searching of the heart.
7. Tishri/Ethanim: New beginnings of perennially flowing streams.
8. Bul /Cheshvan: 8th moon - Productive showers.
9. Kislev/Chislev/Chisleu: Confident heart.
10. Tevet/Tebeth: Soaking goodness.
11. Shevat/Shevat: Downpour
12. Adar: Majestic swelling.

Cycle of Seasons

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Health & Wellness

The Bible Year was a prophesy in miniature. Every aspect of seedtime, harvest, climate and time were all interdependent and woven into a far-reaching lesson plan.

A - Paschal lamb set apart
B - Passover Lamb Killed
C - Passover Unleaven Bread Initial Ceremonial Sabbath
D - First Fruits
E - End of Unleavened Bread - 1st Ceremonial Sabbath
F - 7th Ceremonial Sabbath
G - Pentecost
H - Feast of Trumpets
I - Day of Atonement
J - Tabernacles
K - End of Tabernacles

Table of Shewbread